‘Westworld’ Has No Moral Compass. That’s What Makes It Hard To Watch.

The first time through, I missed the after-the-end-credits scene of the Season 2 Westworld finale. Turns out, there was a similar tag-on at the conclusion of Season 1, but I didn’t stick around for that one, either. When “The Passenger” reran, I dutifully tuned in for the final minutes to see The Man in Black —Continue reading “‘Westworld’ Has No Moral Compass. That’s What Makes It Hard To Watch.”

‘Westworld,’ Tell Me Who The Heroes Are

As much as “Vanishing Point” (S 2 E 9) may have finally answered some questions, it opened others, and left me with this profound sense that I have no one to root for. Bernard, I suppose. But I don’t know who’s the hero in this story, and there aren’t even any dark knights whose victoriesContinue reading “‘Westworld,’ Tell Me Who The Heroes Are”

‘Kiksuya’ Is ‘Westworld’ At Its Easiest And Most Compelling

There hasn’t been much to enjoy about Westworld this season, with its confusing, overloaded episodes that bombard viewers with multiple timelines and several plotlines all at once. Every word is somehow significant, or not — it may solve the entire puzzle, or it may be a miscue, or you could be making things up just toContinue reading “‘Kiksuya’ Is ‘Westworld’ At Its Easiest And Most Compelling”

‘Westworld’: Just William And Ford Playing A Game

I’m trying, Westworld, to stay with you here. I’m trying to care, and tonight (Episode 7, “Les Écorchés.”) I made myself care by reading a bit too much into that conversation between Maeve and Dolores, when one is severely injured, experiencing a deep mourning, and the other is running amok around the park, drawing blood withContinue reading “‘Westworld’: Just William And Ford Playing A Game”

Ford Showed Up On ‘Westworld.’ Does Anyone Care Anymore?

Westworld, I’ve been patient. I’ve (largely) held my tongue while you churned out episode after episode of robot violence and stunning landscapes. But tonight was Episode 6, Westworld. You are halfway through the season, and nothing has happened. Nothing. Early on in tonight’s episode, I had high hopes. We got a momentary switcheroo with Delores seeminglyContinue reading “Ford Showed Up On ‘Westworld.’ Does Anyone Care Anymore?”

“Westworld’s” Most Interesting Storylines Probably Exist Outside the Park

I first heard of ‘Westworld’ back in 2015 when news broke that background performers (extras) were asked to sign a startling consent form that described potential acts they would have to perform on set. It got the attention of SAG-AFTRA, who issued a member alert telling actors about their rights to withdraw from the production.Continue reading ““Westworld’s” Most Interesting Storylines Probably Exist Outside the Park”