What is ‘Unconscionable’ in a ‘Shark Tank’ Deal?

Tonight on Shark Tank, the first entrepreneur, Meredith Jurica of Makeup Junkie Bags, didn’t need a deal. But she was a bit of an unusual case. She didn’t seem to be on the show just for the promotion. She sincerely wanted a shark partner, even after more than half the panel was out — refusing toContinue reading “What is ‘Unconscionable’ in a ‘Shark Tank’ Deal?”

Why Kevin O’Leary Says ‘Shark Tank’ Doesn’t Glamorize Entrepreneurship

Anyone who’s watched even a few episodes of Shark Tank notices there’s a pattern: some entrepreneurs get deals, set to uplifting music, while others don’t, and those who miss out on getting a shark partner sometimes express disappointment or regret. Those who don’t get a deal are rarely profiled on Shark Tank updates, and even those whoContinue reading “Why Kevin O’Leary Says ‘Shark Tank’ Doesn’t Glamorize Entrepreneurship”

Barbara Corcoran’s Serious Approach to ‘Shark Tank’ Investments

There is little doubt that the prospect of spending real money on a startup enterprise would give any investor pause. That’s no less true for the seasoned panelists on Shark Tank. As Barbara Corcoran told The Cut last month, she values the money she’s earned and won’t give it away on a tenuous or frivolous endeavor. “WhenContinue reading “Barbara Corcoran’s Serious Approach to ‘Shark Tank’ Investments”