What is ‘Unconscionable’ in a ‘Shark Tank’ Deal?

Tonight on Shark Tank, the first entrepreneur, Meredith Jurica of Makeup Junkie Bags, didn’t need a deal. But she was a bit of an unusual case. She didn’t seem to be on the show just for the promotion. She sincerely wanted a shark partner, even after more than half the panel was out — refusing toContinue reading “What is ‘Unconscionable’ in a ‘Shark Tank’ Deal?”

Why Nootrobox (aka HVMN) Has the Weirdest ‘Shark Tank’ Story Ever

“Do you mind if you tell us more about what’s in it before we eat them? I don’t wanna get roofied.” – Chris Sacca Back in 2016,¬†Geoff Woo and Michael Brandt went on¬†Shark Tank to pitch Nootrobox, a company that catered to “biohackers,” or people who see the human body as an organic computer programContinue reading “Why Nootrobox (aka HVMN) Has the Weirdest ‘Shark Tank’ Story Ever”