‘Westworld,’ Tell Me Who The Heroes Are

As much as “Vanishing Point” (S 2 E 9) may have finally answered some questions, it opened others, and left me with this profound sense that I have no one to root for. Bernard, I suppose. But I don’t know who’s the hero in this story, and there aren’t even any dark knights whose victoriesContinue reading “‘Westworld,’ Tell Me Who The Heroes Are”

Star Trek TNG: Journey’s End (S 7 E 20)

Great Episodes is a series of blogs on my all-time favorite episodes of, well, everything. The true¬†aficionados know that¬†Star Trek: The Next Generation barely qualified as science fiction. The fact that it was so popular in its day proved it didn’t really have a place in the true geek niche. Every Thursday night in university,Continue reading “Star Trek TNG: Journey’s End (S 7 E 20)”