‘Westworld’: Just William And Ford Playing A Game

I’m trying, Westworld, to stay with you here. I’m trying to care, and tonight (Episode 7, “Les Écorchés.”) I made myself care by reading a bit too much into that conversation between Maeve and Dolores, when one is severely injured, experiencing a deep mourning, and the other is running amok around the park, drawing blood withContinue reading “‘Westworld’: Just William And Ford Playing A Game”

Ford Showed Up On ‘Westworld.’ Does Anyone Care Anymore?

Westworld, I’ve been patient. I’ve (largely) held my tongue while you churned out episode after episode of robot violence and stunning landscapes. But tonight was Episode 6, Westworld. You are halfway through the season, and nothing has happened. Nothing. Early on in tonight’s episode, I had high hopes. We got a momentary switcheroo with Delores seeminglyContinue reading “Ford Showed Up On ‘Westworld.’ Does Anyone Care Anymore?”