‘Big Brother 20’ Is An All-True Metaphor For Life

Haleigh. Haleigh, Haleigh, Haleigh. I so want you to win because you’re the Smart Girl.

But you won’t. Because Smart Girls Always Get Screwed Over, and as your ally Rockstar so aptly stated, “guys like (Brett) always win.”

It wasn’t so obvious in the early days of Big Brother 20 that you were the Smart Girl. That became obvious during your Power (or Not) App punishment, when you had to read Hamlet to the entire house.

It was an easy read for you. You didn’t stumble over a single word. Bingo: Smart Girl.

It became more obvious when Faysal (ah, Fessy, the dumb loveable guy who will Always Win because he’s loveable and even when he’s nasty, he’s not really nasty. There’s a kind of wink to his condemnation of allies like Scottie — whom he got rid of because J.C. (J.C.!) was able to convince him he wasn’t on his side, although he always was — that he’s sorry. It’s just a game, after all. We’re still tight, right Scottie? We’ll have a beer or a protein shake or iced tea outside of the house, right? I mean, this Big Brother thing is just a summer fling.)

(I digress.) It became more obvious she was the Smart Girl when Faysal started hot and heavy with Haleigh. No, no, no. No showmance. She rebuffed him, repeatedly. Because she’s here to win, she doesn’t need protection or assistance or a quick sesh in the HOH room. She’s taking this game seriously.

But Haleigh’s getting fucked over. Not by Fessy, but by the same high school cliques that exist in adult life — or in the closed off world of the Big Brother 20 house. This doesn’t happen every year. Big Brother 20 is a good game, or started off as one until one side of the house began to railroad the other. But unlike other years, where you could have an Ian Terry or Steve Moses in the top spot, Big Brother 20 has turned out to be a season of The Cool Kids. As cool as you may be, Haleigh, you’re still the Smart Girl at heart.

You know what that means Haleigh. Your time is almost up.

So, why is Big Brother 20 a metaphor for life? Well, it’s not just the high school cliques. It’s the cluelessness of one side of the house. It’s the reality that often in life, people get railroaded, completely creamed, losing badly at a game they don’t even realize they are playing. Fessy eliminating Scottie was the ultimate example of a person thinking they are in control, when in reality they are getting trampled. They are getting picked off one by one, and everyone who knows the truth is keeping their mouths shut — because they are protecting their own interests. Through their silence, they are keeping their own positions safe, and screwing over the other players.

Let’s also put a note in here about Haleigh’s role in the showmance. This was not of her doing. He pursued her, and eventually she relented, without losing her head in the game. Up until the end, she knew Scottie had her back. The rest of the house, however, saw them as a pair. But Haleigh, Smart Girl that she is, never got caught up in the libido energy that sometimes overtakes the Big Brother house.

Haleigh, there’s some time left. You can keep yourself in the game. And even if you get kicked out come this Thursday, I have no doubt you’ll be the one coming right back in as part of the Jury Battle Back.


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