Tyler Crispen May Become ‘Big Brother’s Most Forgettable Winner

Ok, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. And since there have been more than 20 seasons of Big Brother — counting the Over the Top and Celebrity editions — it may be a stretch to call Tyler the franchise’s most forgettable winner. After all, there have been lots of forgettable winners. That’s why floaters get so far, and jury management is a thing. If you don’t rock the boat, people don’t kick you out; if you don’t bring melodrama into your game, you have a tendency to make fewer enemies and have more jurors on your side come finale night.

But Tyler is too nice a guy to win this game. It’s a bit grating that he’s slid through the entire season, just letting other house guests come to him with final two deals and accepting them all. Sure, maybe he just makes it look easy. He is, after all, a super fan, so he knows that playing too hard is a guaranteed recipe for early eviction. As a result, he appears not to be playing very hard at all — staying just enough out of people’s way in order to avoid becoming a major target.

Here’s another way that Big Brother 20 is a metaphor for life. People love a comeback story. People want to see you struggle and overcome, get back up when you’ve been kicked down. But apart from that one week when Haleigh targeted Tyler — and this season’s twists effectively kept him in the game — Tyler’s basically sailed through.

It’s like the guy who’s always been good at track wins the 100-metre sprint again. Yay. What about the guy who started out in last place but worked hard every day to build up to his winning form? Now there’s something to celebrate. It’s an imperfect and quite boring metaphor, but then we’re talking about who’s likely to win Big Brother 20, so the metaphor might as well be imperfect and boring.

Haleigh winning Big Brother 20 would be so satisfying. Granted, she didn’t start out in last place, but she’s had her back up against the wall week after week. It’s also important to note she’s the only player so far who’s even attempted to target Tyler. Why the hesitation for the rest of them?

Ok, ok, I know — there’s the Level 6 alliance, which has to turn on its own very soon. But can you really see anyone turning on Tyler and doing so successfully? No, Tyler will walk to the end — unless he fails to win the last HOH, or something unexpected happens. Unless there’s, say, a revolt.

Tyler reminds me of one past Big Brother winner: Hayden Moss from Big Brother 12. Having just Googled him now to see what he was up to — because, of course, I’d forgotten him — I discovered Ianic Roy Richard’s piece on Medium from last year which talks about Moss’ turn on Survivor, which I’d completely missed. Here’s what Richard had to say:

“In ‘Big Brother,’ Hayden was dominant but kind of boring. That’s the curse of a lot of game show winners. They are usually the most normal people surrounded by a bunch of crazy people so they stand out a lot less. I think of Hayden on ‘Big Brother’ like I do of Aras’ win in ‘Survivor: Panama;’ attractive young men who kept their team together and win in the end by being nice guys. That whole ‘Big Brother’ persona is why people weren’t very high on him going on ‘Survivor.'”

So is Tyler the new Hayden? Level 6 is kind of like The Brigade, but they are not keeping a key (and popular) ally (aka Britney in Big Brother 12) in the dark until the very end. I suppose there’s Sam, but she’s not as tightly integrated into the dominant group as was Britney. Really, she’s only tight with Tyler, and that may be largely a one-sided relationship. When Sam goes, it won’t be as painful to watch as it was with Britney.

The Big Brother 20 group has learned well from past seasons about how to effectively run an alliance. But then we have The Hive, so what am I talking about.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Haleigh could pull it out in the end. Somehow. It’s likely Kaycee has a better shot of winning than Haleigh, but I still would love to see Haleigh, our little grit-and-hustle, Shakespeare reciting, all-about-the-game player be rewarded for her efforts with a win.

It won’t happen, of course. Like in life, it’s the sexy lifeguard’s game to lose.


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