‘Big Brother 20’: Let’s Talk About Kaycee (Updated)

Updated September 12, 2018

Let’s switch this up a bit, since Kaycee is now on a stunning winning streak — all of a sudden the athlete is a competition beast. So much so, it’s hard to imagine now that she and Tyler would end up as final two. Neither would be dumb enough to take the other; Tyler’s initial reasons for bringing Kaycee (she hadn’t won much) seem to have become moot. If there was some weird series of events that made it Tyler against Kaycee in the Big Brother 20 finale, the result seems almost entirely unpredictable.

They were on the same side for the entire game. They barely looked outside their own circle long enough to make enemies apart from The Hive (FOUTTE), which collapsed anyway. If Tyler wins the HOH during the double eviction on Thursday, he would presumably target Sam in order to not upset Level 6. Even if he did decide to target Kaycee, he probably wouldn’t get much support. In a strange way, it still feels too early for the members of Level 6 to turn on each other, although since the numbers have dwindled that basically has to happen now.

Kaycee seems solid unless Brett and JC decide to do something weird.

Tyler and Kaycee both know the Big Brother unwritten rule that you don’t bring another strong player to the end. But if it happens, it could be the most exciting finale in years.

Posted September 2, 2018

Yes, I do think Kaycee Clark could win this thing. But it would come down to the final HOH, when it’s Kaycee, Tyler (assuming Tyler is truthful about his intention to take her to the end) and a third person who gets the final say on who goes to the final two. Thinking strategically, that person chooses to take Kaycee instead of Tyler because she’s presumably easier to beat.

This is when Big Brother resembles a game of chess. Who do we have left? Looking at this list, I think the only person who would actually choose Tyler over Kaycee — out of a personal loyalty, even though it would be bad for their game — is Sam. Of course there’s a long way yet to the end, but it’s a fun thought experiment.

  • Scottie
  • Brett
  • Angela
  • Tyler
  • Haleigh
  • JC
  • Sam
  • Kaycee

From there, Kaycee could beat JC, Sam (if Sam decided to take her, which she wouldn’t), maybe Scottie, and maybe even Brett or Angela. It depends, of course, on whether those house alliances extend to the jury house.

Kaycee is sort of a sneaky threat. If she won, it wouldn’t be because of a drive to get to the end or win lots of competitions. In a subtle way, she’s just sort of stuck around. Out of sheer luck, she choose the right alliance in the beginning. She hasn’t upset anyone, moves fairly easy through the house dynamics, and has even racked up a few wins to give the jury a few reasons to cast votes in her favor.

Kaycee’s a dark horse, but dark horses have a good history on Big Brother. This was the woman who Zingbot — ahem — “zinged” with the comment that she caused viewers to change the channel, presumably a joke to call her boring. Really, at that point, most viewers probably didn’t know who she was. In Big Brother world, being reserved is not a bad thing, especially when you have the athletic ability to win competitions and choose to do so — when it counts.

In fact, Kaycee is so sneaky, I can’t even write 400 words about her. And I can ramble on about anything. She may very well win the game.


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