‘Big Brother 20’: That Moment When Faysal Figures It All Out

Fessy, the penny finally dropped. But maybe, you know, he always had his suspicions. He knew, maybe, in the back of his mind, that he and his main ally Haleigh were being oddly manipulated to turn against their own alliance members and send them home, one by one.

If anything, he finally realized that his side was being steamrolled on tonight’s episode. Looking straight into the camera, he gave a precise summary of every bad decision that led to the subsequent exits of Bayleigh, Rockstar, Scottie — the last of whom he put on the block — and even Haleigh seemed to think it was really funny.

Because, well, it is. If you are not embroiled in the Big Brother drama and don’t really care whether you win. On that note, Haleigh may have smiled, but maybe she wasn’t as forgiving about the series of events as she may have seemed.

This, again, is another way that Big Brother 20 is a metaphor for life. If you’ve had a good solid plan, one that’s maybe not foolproof but has a good chance of succeeding (like, say, an alliance on a reality/game show where the contestants are evenly split and it seems like either side has an equal chance of going the distance), you can probably do well as long as you Stick. To. The. Plan. Don’t let your naysayers put doubts into your mind about your alliance members, or else your plan will fall apart at the seams.

How many times in life do we second-guess our choices? How often do we say, “this isn’t right — I don’t think this is best for me, and I should change course?” It’s a risk, maybe, to deviate from the plan, but at the time when you make the decision it feels like you’re doing the logical and most reasonable thing. It makes sense to change your school program, leave your job, move, end a relationship — often that works. Often it’s good for you. As Kaitlyn would say, it is because It Is, and therefore is Right and Meant to Be.

Of course, in life, it’s hard to measure your choices against the what-ifs. Because the end game is always shifting and changing. What you end up getting, in life, is a new series of scenarios, new options, choices, paths to take. In that way, it’s opposite from Big Brother. In Big Brother, you can see that your deviation from The Original Plan has a very specific result: you getting kicked out of house — and out of competition for the $500,000 prize. In life, you’ll never really know what prize eluded you because you chose to shift your loyalties.

Tonight, after the nomination ceremony, Fessy said to Haleigh, “it’s just a game.” Yeah, but in the Big Brother context, it’s also your very reason for being there — to play the game. Right? I suppose there’s always sunbathing in the jury house.


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