Let’s Imagine Sam Bledsoe Wins Veto. Does That Change The End of ‘Big Brother 20’?

It could be that I’m grasping for any possibility that Big Brother 20 won’t proceed in a predictable manner from now until the finale. The final three — presumably Tyler, Angela, Kaycee — could make for interesting television just because it’s unclear who could take home the ultimate prize. (In years past, the question was usually, “who played the best game, or who pissed off the jury the least?”).

But we’re not there yet. There are still a couple of wild cards — JC and Sam. Credit Brett Robinson, everyone’s favorite Bro (Winston who?) for putting out this idea: that Sam is a stealth threat who’s been playing everyone for a fool the entire game. Here’s what he said to EW after his surprise eviction this week, when asked who he thought was playing the best game in the house:

“Tyler made the strong move in terms of competitions, but he has a lot of blood on his hands, especially burning a final 2. There is still JC and Sam, who have no blood on their hands. I’d say Sam, because she has still remained in the house after all of this time and she hasn’t burned anyone. I think she has been throwing competitions ever since her HOH to appear as less of a threat.”

I’m not a big fan of Sam, at least not in this Big Brother universe (which means absolutely nothing in terms of who she may be as a real live person, at home in private). That’s largely because I thought she was going to be one way but turned out to be another. (In other words, I had this image of how Sam’s personality would unfold, in terms of her views of other people and relationships with other houseguests, but my predictions were incorrect — but that’s not about her, that’s about me, as is every perception one has about another person that isn’t correct.)

(Was that opaque enough of an explanation? Ok, good.)

But Sam is interesting in that she’s really the only person left who can throw a wrench into this whole thing (unless JC has been throwing competitions as well, but let’s put that to the side. If JC is relying on his powers of persuasion, he may be out of luck at this point because the remaining houseguests are on to his tactics and no longer listenting.)

Let’s say she wins veto and JC goes home. That leaves Sam, Tyler, Kaycee and Angela. If Sam wins the final four veto as well (or HOH), she ensures her spot in the final three. If Tyler or Angela is serious about winning this game, they won’t take each other to final two — faux showmance be damned. Kaycee as well would be wise to take Sam. Kaycee and Tyler may or may not stick with their agreement to go to the end; same with Kaycee and Angela. They are not so naive as to not recognize each other as strong players so showing team loyalty is far from certain at this point.

So if Sam gets to final three, she’s almost guaranteed a spot in final 2.

Looking back at Sam’s interview with Ross Mathews, I’m not sure she’s as disinterested in the game as she often leads people to believe. Sure, I buy that she wants to play a moral game, but for her, I’m not sure that means rolling over and playing dead when times are tough. When Ross asked her if she’d rather win the game and be hated or lose the game and be loved, she didn’t answer right away. She said it would depend on the circumstances. In Big Brother land, that’s quite telling.

Faced with a bitter jury, it’s very likely Sam would win over everyone else. The only exception might be Kaycee, who, like Sam, has ruffled few feathers in game play and actually has an impressive collection of competition wins to parade in front of the decision-makers.

Even if Sam doesn’t win the last veto, whomever does may choose to help her advance to the final three — thinking she’s easier to beat.

Let’s hope Level 6 has a bit of a plot twist in their walk to the end. It would be more fun to watch and potentially saves us getting the most forgettable winner in Big Brother history.



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